The Devil I Know


Who: Hadley and Liam
Where: The bar
When: Evening

Hadley had spent some time wandering the town after withdrawing some money from the bank after walking away from her brief encounter with Brett. He had stoked her irritation, but that was nothing a cigarette hadn't been able to calm. She supposed it was her own fault for giving the guy another chance not to be a dick. But it didn't matter given she didn't really care much for him anyway.



Who: Liam and Dave
Where: Main Street
When: Morning

Liam set out before he'd settled in. So long as he could remember his address, he'd have all evening to figure out the inside of the house he'd been given. For now, he wanted the chance to enjoy the blue sky, the clouds, the pure, clean air... the vast amounts of space that he'd been missing for the past nine months. Liam couldn't get enough of it. He headed to the center of town, eyes scanning the booths set up with hand outs. It still seemed surreal and he wasn't all that sure he believed it. They hadn't let him go home yet, but... after all they'd been through, red tape made sense. That didn't mean he had to like it.

He squinted, shielding his eyes as he looked down the street. The first thing he needed to find was a pair of sunglasses-- something he'd been able to throw out for his time in the experiment. With all the lack of sun, his eyes burned at the difference. It was something he was going to have to adjust to. What a pain in the ass...

Dave was after a very particular item - a leash for that damn dog. Not that prophet was being that much of a pain, but he wasn't used to being in a town. Or near any other people. And he had a tendency to disappear off. Sure, Dave knew he'd come back but that was hardly the point. He'd grown used to having a large dog appear and disappear at whim, half the time reappearing with something dead hanging from his jaws, but they weren't out in the middle of the woods now, were they? So, Prophet would have to learn to stay on a leash until he could be taught to walk to heel, though Dave didn't even know if that was possible to train a fully grown dog to do.