How Is Everyone?

I just wanted to check in with people. How is everyone doing? Does anyone need to talk about anything? Are the households(as I understand it) working alright for people? If anyone wants to talk, I know with the weather as it is that I can't come to you or vice versa, but there's always the private message system, or the phones...I believe they're still working. I'm available whenever you need me to be.


permission to take the out

Who: Kaori and Lina
Where: Kaori's house (their house?)
When: Early afternoon

Lina hated being snowed in. Indoor things really weren't holding her attention, and she wasn't in the mood to attempt to fight through the snow and get frostbite, either. She'd taken to reading, and sprawling out on one of the sofas, but she wasn't happy with the situation. Some days she felt like she'd actually been a lot happier living outside.

Kaori entered the living room, or more the raised den. It was an odd layout for a house though she enjoyed that room. It was pleasant. Sitting down on the loveseat opposite of Lina, she smiled politely. "You look stunningly uninspired." she noted good naturedly. "Reading anything good?" she asked.

Lina gave Kaori a small, humorless grin. "Well," she said, turning the book to look at the cover. She'd forgotten what the fuck she was trying to read. "Does that answer your question?" she smirked. It wasn't that it was bad, it just wasn't holding her attention. "How are you doing?"

everyone has to eat

who: kaori and svetlana
when: morning
where: kaori's house

Kaori got up, and went to make breakfast. She made scrambled eggs, some sausage, and coffee, before she squeezed fresh orange juice to add to it. Setting things up on a tray, she headed upstairs, grabbing a notebook and pen on her way up to the room Svetlana was located in. Knocking on the door softly, she stood back a pace or two so she wasn't crowding the door. "Hello? I've brought some breakfast, I was wondering if you would like to eat with me, miss?" she called in a gentle, even tone, not overly loud.

none the wiser

who: kaori and everyone dropped into her house
when: morning
where: her house/kitchen for starters


Hello, my name is Kaori Miike, and I've just arrived in town. I wanted to say hello to anyone that has known me from my experiment, A, and to anyone else here as I understand there were others we weren't informed of. I plan to go for a walk in a while to look around town, but I wanted to say hello here.


who: kaori and scott
where: main street
when: mid morning

Kaori had gotten the idea that everything she'd been told had been lies when she'd started seeing the houses that were boarded up. Not all of them, so clearly she wasn't in town alone, but she knew before she even got to the main part of town that what they'd said...that they were rescued, that the town was in working order, that everything was just going to be a waiting game until governmental red tape was cut through...lies. It was such a crushing sensation weighing down on her shoulders that she found a bench to sit on outside an abandoned school.

She looked down at the sidewalk, mostly just trying to get her head around the idea that instead of being trapped in a mansion...she was now trapped in a town. There would be people who needed her. She knew that, and she would stay true to wanting to help them. She'd do absolutely eveything she could, including stepping up for a leadership role, should people require that. But it didn't change the initial let down, that hard drop down into the pit of desolation.

The worst part for her was that she hadn't seen it coming. The volunteers that had been working with her--they'd all been nice, pleasant, helpful people. She hadn't had any idea that they were hiding something. The only explanation she could come up with was that they didn't know. That they had been told the story they were telling her was the truth, and they really were on the level--just being manipulated themselves. Or, they were all the best group of liars she'd ever come across. Either way, it was unsettling, and made nothing any better.