kaori and scott


who: kaori and scott
where: main street
when: mid morning

Kaori had gotten the idea that everything she'd been told had been lies when she'd started seeing the houses that were boarded up. Not all of them, so clearly she wasn't in town alone, but she knew before she even got to the main part of town that what they'd said...that they were rescued, that the town was in working order, that everything was just going to be a waiting game until governmental red tape was cut through...lies. It was such a crushing sensation weighing down on her shoulders that she found a bench to sit on outside an abandoned school.

She looked down at the sidewalk, mostly just trying to get her head around the idea that instead of being trapped in a mansion...she was now trapped in a town. There would be people who needed her. She knew that, and she would stay true to wanting to help them. She'd do absolutely eveything she could, including stepping up for a leadership role, should people require that. But it didn't change the initial let down, that hard drop down into the pit of desolation.

The worst part for her was that she hadn't seen it coming. The volunteers that had been working with her--they'd all been nice, pleasant, helpful people. She hadn't had any idea that they were hiding something. The only explanation she could come up with was that they didn't know. That they had been told the story they were telling her was the truth, and they really were on the level--just being manipulated themselves. Or, they were all the best group of liars she'd ever come across. Either way, it was unsettling, and made nothing any better.