jillian and shane

talking, sort of

who: shane and jillian
where: his house
when: late afternoon

let's hit the reset button

Who: Shane and Jillian
When: Morning
Where: Their place

Jillian had woken up early, right about the time Shane was heading out for his walk, and decided to take advantage of having the place to herself for a bit to do a little tidying up - taking care of the couple dishes they hadn't felt like dealing with last night, picking up her room and making the bed, and finding an antiquated vacuum that she pushed around the more commonly-used areas of the house.

Feeling productive, she changed into jeans and a tight, longsleeved hot pink tee with a black t-shirt on top, big white text on the chest advising the viewer to 'TRUST ME I'M A NINJA'. She made a few posts on the computer and then, finding herself with nothing else to do, pulled out her bass and plugged into the amp she'd more or less set up in the room where the stereo was. Plugging her iPod into the stereo, she pulled up her 'awesomesauce' playlist, comprised entirely of songs she could (and loved to) play, and commenced jamming.

Shane came in the back door, having skirted around and shit as he had gotten away from the crazy fucking bitch, and when he came in, he slammed the door shut, locked it, and went marching through the house to find Jillian. When he did, he grabbed her by the shoulders to turn her around towards him, and he looked her over, not rationally thinking it through that there was physically no real way he could have been the one who was hurt, but that concern was there. He also still had the bloody knife in his hand, and wasn't thinking about that either.


Who: Shane and Jillian
When: Late morning
Where: Shane's house

internal trust issues

Who: Shane and Jillian
When: After the group socialization
Where: Walk home/Shane's place

Overall, the forced socialization hadn't been bad. Jillian had chatted with some nice people, ate some good food, and of course, rocked out on karaoke. All the same, she was getting kind of tired. It had been a bit of an emotional few days for her, first with Everett and then at the movies yesterday, so she went to find Shane. She sidled up to him when she did, sliding her arm through his companionably. "How's it going?" she asked. "Ready to ditch?"

not everyone is paranoid

Who: Shane and Jillian
When: Afternoon
Where: Jillian's place



who: Shane and Jillian
where: His house/yard/street
when: noonish

Shane had gotten up late. He'd gotten some of his shit sorted, at least, the shit he cared about. That was about all, really, but whatever. He had his stereo out. And, because it was a halfways decent day out, he set up said stereo on the porch, flipped the volume up loud, and went and laid on the porch rail. It was wide enough to hold him comfortably. He had his sunglasses on, and was lying there in the sun, just soaking it up.

After so fucking long without it, he was of a mind that outside was a great thing. Outside, and sunshine, and air that wasn't processed. He was a huge fan. He knew he should probably get around to going for a walk, or attempting to meet his neighbors, or other people in town...but he hadn't yet. He couldn't explain to himself why, not in any proper, understandable manner.

And Shane being Shane, fucked if he was going to lay there and examine it too closely. Not right now, anyways. So he didn't. He listened to music and largely ignored what was probably glaring issues, looming over him.

Say say my playmate, Won't you lay hands on me,
Mirror my malady, Transfer my tragedy...