jillian and nate

Coffee and Conversation

Who: Nate and Jillian
Where: Jillian's house
When: Late afternoon

Nate chose to drive to Jillian's house. In the scheme of things, it wasn't that far, but he was aware that he might go by that flower shop the girl had talked about. And he might buy something - and he wouldn't want to be carrying back flowers now, would he? So: car.

It didn't take him very long to get there after he'd stood from his compuer, but in his typical style, he'd had to go and change first, find something 'suitable' for a first meeting with a bubbly, friendly and ultimately traumatised twenty year old girl. In the end he'd chosen a casual pair of dark blue jeans and a cream open necked shirt that rested against the jagged scar on his neck. He'd rolled the sleeves up to just below the elbow as he'd headed out to the car, shades shielding his eyes from the sunlight.