Who: Jesse and Ronnie
Where: Ronnie's room
When: late at night

It was late. Way late, actually. After midnight late. But Jesse was trudging along, the cold doing a whole lot to wake him up properly, and while he still had the lingering effects of the massive amount of alcohol he'd killed earlier, he was mostly sober. And he was looking for Ronnie. He'd gone on the computer, found out where she was, and was trying to follow the directions he'd written down for himself. He'd also found out that after he'd left after sending her his apologies, she'd written back to him.


Cabin Fever


Who: Camber (and Jesse, later on)
When: afternoon
Where: Heading down from the farm towards the middle of town

anger with a guilt chaser

who: jesse and saj
where: the park
when: mid day

Jesse had waited until Owen and Joy had left. He didn't know where the hell the other chick that lived with them was. He'd also passed Joy's room, and spotted the bar sitting in there, and he stole a bottle of whiskey. Which sure, could possibly come to bite him in the ass later. But right now, he could not summon the energy to care. In fact, he couldn't summon the energy to do anything but want to drink himself into a coma. So he'd taken the bottle, needed to get the hell out of the house, and he'd bundled up and gone for a walk. And kept walking. He didn't go wherever everyone else was headed--hell, he didn't even know where that was.

His mind wouldn't shut up. Even if he'd already killed about a quarter of the bottle? it still kept right on going. Grinding over everything. About how he'd been waiting for months to hear a single word, and the first thing he gets told is that she's there--but their daughter isn't. And no actual idea where she was. Oh, and the real kick to the teeth--that she 'can't do this right now'. What the shit was that? Talking about suffering. His feelings were all mashed together, none of them positive. Not after that initial rush of relief that she was here. Not when she wouldn't even talk to him and refused to see him. Because she couldn't do this right now. Because his time had been a piece of cake. And where the hell was their daughter? God. Jessie.

Swirls of anger, mixed with honest to god pain were ruling about half of him, and the other half was dedicated fully to self loathing and guilt. It wasn't a great combo. So, sitting on the bottom of the slide at the little playground in the park, he just...stared out at the distant tree line and drank, hoping that eventually here, he'd at least kill one of the stabs of badness that sliced heavy through his chest.

sent during the night, private to experiment e

So...any advice you lot have for me on what to do? I kinda sorta possibly accidentally pissed off a batshit insane woman, and it's possible she threatened me because I wouldn't sleep with her. So...yeah. I'm off to a fabulous start, obviously--any of you know Joy? And is she just that fucking scary, or am I overreacting here?

Bored now.

Who: Joy and Jesse
When: After dinner, about 7pm
Where: Kitchen

so where're you lot at?

So, I haven't quite had my coffee yet this morning, so I could just be cranky, but what the fuck? No, seriously. What the fuck. We get told we're rescued then get put into a new part of the experiment? Rude fucking awakening, if you ask me.

Jesse here, experiment E so I'm told.

Where's my people at? Who's made it this far?

Does anyone know anything about my daughter, Jessie, or her mother, Veronica? Any information at all would be good, they were meant to come into the experiment as well but we weren't told there were more than one, and I've not heard anything about either one of them. Any help would be appreciated, please, I've been trying for ages to get any answers but no one would tell me shit. Thank you.

Playing the weatherman

Who: Owen and Open
When: Early morning, around seven am.
Where: 1 maple street

Owen couldn’t really deny that the scientists were behind this now. Not when he woke up exactly the same way he had before (not in the bathtub and not hoping there would be someone else there) and with Jeremy still missing.