jeremy and rebekah

What did they do to you there?

Who: Jeremy and Rebekah
When: early afternoon
Where: streets

The first few steps out of the house had been the most difficult for Rebekah. She'd nearly cried when she found that she was out of wood glue. She didn't want to be, she didn't want to go outside in this strange place and subject herself to everyone else who was supposedly here. Having Ben for a neighbor was enough, that was all she wanted to know. But she had to keep herself occupied, and sculpting was the only way she knew how to do that. So she'd put on shoes and a long pea-coat that she buttoned up all the way, and pulled a knit cap down over her scraggly hair.

It would only be a short trip. There was a hardware store, surely they'd have glue. Hands dug down deep in her pockets, Rebekah started in that direction, eyes down on the sidewalk in front of her, lips moving in silent and unheard prayers that even she could hardly follow.