jason and lina


Who: Jason and Lina
When: Afternoon
Where: Jason's house

Upon returning to her house and actually looking around a bit, she found she actually did have a map and directory. Normally, at any other moment or on any other day, she would have looked at names, looked to see who was where, who had survived, who her neighbors were... but at this moment on this day, Lina was a bit narrow-minded. She only scanned for Jason's name, and after talking with him a bit on the computer, headed out. In the end, it was probably good that she was so narrow-minded - seeing who was around and so close by could have only made the day infinitely worse.

All the damn houses looked the same. Lina wondered what the fuck she was going to do with herself in this place. Working would be good, she could try to not think about how much this place reminded her of a military base, or of the fact that she'd killed somebody. Dave's little peptalk didn't really do much for that. She'd still lost it, he was still dead. At least she had no trouble finding Jason's house - she was glad to be close to at least one of her friends. Putting on her typical expression, she knocked, and wondered how this was going to go.

Jason wasn't exactly far, so he opened up the door quickly enough. "Hey." he greeted, smiling a touch, not that it lasted, but then, he was still dealing with the new situation and he never quite had time for pleasantries when in the middle of that. "Come on in." he added, stepping back so she could. War showed up to investigate, rubbing up against Katalina's legs before she started to head outside, and Jason bent to snag her. He didn't have a cat flap yet so he'd have to keep her vaguely in sight and the like.