indira and nate


Who: Nate and Indira
When: Midday
Where: Mini golf course office

After a morning spent cleaning up her place, Indira was more than ready to get out and get some fresh air for at least a few minutes; she had a headache from the cleaning gel's fumes and didn't want to sit around boring herself or reading journals - she'd heard talk of gun safety, but she hadn't gotten herself a weapon. Not when her aim was sure to be terrible.

Picking one of her headscarves in a rich teal, she wrapped and pinned it to cover all but her eyes, locking up behind herself as she left. She set out towards the park rather aimlessly, though despite trying to relax she kept a sharp eye on her surroundings. It ended up being that eye that kept her from walking around the corner and straight into a bear. A bear that was apparently just... walking around town.

Warm balls of popcorn goodness

Who: Nate and Indira
When: Afternoon
Where: Movie theater!

Indira couldn't stay in her home a minute longer. It was a nice enough place, but she could never forget that they were as trapped in this town as she had been back in the experiment house. It was a feeling she detested, and even with the alterations she'd made to secure it, it meant she was out and walking in the cold. The weather was cloudy, which matched her mood, and exploring the town gave her ample time to brood as well.