hannah and shane

swing and a miss

Who: Shane and Hannah
When: Mid-morning
Where: The park!

It was a nice day for a walk, or so Hannah surmised, and she figured she might as well check out the park that she heard was on the other side of town. Anubis could only benefit from some time spent running around doing whatever it was that ex-military dogs did on their time off. And besides, she had that terrible romance novel that she needed to finish reading so she could lambast it as her first official blog post. Or something, maybe just go back to Diata and fill her in when she checked for any new visually-impaired-friendly books.

She'd grabbed a blanket, book, and ball, poured herself a thermos of coffee, and made the cross-town walk by taking Elm all the way, then hanging a left. She knew after the first cross street she could start checking for the park - though it was easier than she'd realized, because she could feel Anubis perk up when the area came into sight. He was working and far too disciplined to actually make a break for it, but she could tell he was getting excited. She stopped when she felt what she surmised was an open, grassy area and bent to unhook Anubis' harness. "Go play!" she told him, tossing the ball for him to chase while she spread the blanket out and took a seat. She'd play fetch with him for a while and then settle down to read.

Shane happened to be out for a walk. He recognized his sleep schedule was a little on the fucked side, and was weirded out to figure that it was because being inside for so fucking long really just...messed with his sense of time completely. He'd known that before, he just hadn't quite recognized how much that would carry over. Either way, he hadn't been to bed yet, and was just...still awake. Awake and restless enough to go wandering the park.

He knew he wasn't alone by the huge fuck off dog that was chasing a ball, and he glanced around to spot the owner. Or, presumably the owner. No one else was around, and hey look, the dog was heading back towards her. And keeping an eye on him. He walked close enough to speak comfortably without having to raise his voice. "So if I attempted to come and talk to you, would I be puppy chow before I knew it, or does he just look like he eats neighbors for breakfast?" he asked in a laid back, at the very least mildly amused tone.