hannah and nate

You got suckered.

Who: Nate and Hannah
When: Morning
Where: Diner (the sad, empty diner)

Hannah woke up freezing cold, Anubis tucked against her side under the blankets to share warmth. "What the hell," she muttered, getting dressed as quickly as she could - jeans, sweater, jacket, boots - and heading out into the kitchen, figuring she must've set the thermostat wrong or something the night before. She fiddled with it, but nothing happened - no noise of heat kicking on, nada. She couldn't really figure it out, having figured it out by touch the first time, and made a note to see if she couldn't get Jason over to check it out for her.

Legal Matters

Who: Nate and Hannah
When: Midmorning
Where: Advice and Advocacy drop-in clinic!

Hannah hadn't felt much like going to the social that was supposedly going on the night before, but doing so meant she woke up feeling antsy the next morning. Going through the presents left at her doorstep occupied some time, as did eating breakfast and cleaning up a bit, but she eventually needed to get out of the house. She figured it was time to go see someone about checking up on her finances back home; she wouldn't put it past her conniving aunt to try having her declared dead or some shit. Fuck, she didn't know what her options were, and after being burned once, Hannah wasn't of a mind to let it happen again.