hannah and jason

Message to Jason - sent midmorning

Since you've probably noticed I'm not in your house by now, the answer is yes, I did get relocated back to the creepy drippy basement of Hell House. Though irritated and feeling the deeply-seated need to put my fist through a scientist's face, I am otherwise unharmed and in one piece.

I'd pack up and move again just to piss them off, but I have a feeling moving all my shit is of significantly less hassle to them than it is to me. Assholes.

scouting around town

who: jason and hannah
where: around town
when: early afternoon

enter hannah: the new and improved™

Who: Jason and Hannah
When: Late afternoon
Where: ELM STREET, baby!

There was a lot to be done to get her small home happily set up for the visually impaired, as Hannah had spent a significant portion of the day learning after navigating her way through the frustrating bureaucratic incompetence known as intake procedures. Counseling, her ass. If she missed the scientists at all (which she most certainly did not, thank you), it would be because the bastards had done all this shit for her before. There was the layout to memorize, supplies to Braille tag, everything needed organization. Hannah was not the most patient of organizers, either, so there came a point where she couldn't make one more label without screaming. Thankfully, Anubis seemed to be getting a little restless, and therefore she deemed it a perfect time to go for a walk. A short-ish walk, in a straight line until she could rope someone into helping her with the town's layout, but a walk nonetheless.

Leashing and harnessing Anubis, Hannah left her house (a bizarre notion after going so long with only a room to her name) and locked up behind her. After a quick mental coinflip, she decided to go left and follow the street wherever it took her. She'd been good with Anubis when they'd first been paired up and the months had only made their bond stronger, and she trusted him not to lead her into traffic or light posts or anything else potentially embarrassing and injurious. "At least I don't have a DVD collection or anything, right?" she asked the dog rather whimsically, a stupid little habit she'd picked up over the months. "That would really make me bugfuck crazy and kill some bitches."

Jason happened to be sitting on his porch. He was there, because he'd looked through his house, and it was just...a house. And he knew that Dave and Katalina were elsewhere in town. But there still wasn't any sign of Emma. He'd been assured he'd hear soon enough, or whatever, but it wasn't really that comforting.

Then again, none of this fucked up bullshit was. A town? In the middle of ass fuck russia? Yeah that was really not at all helping...oh, anything. Not that Jason could think of much that would. Nothing short of 'here's your boatload of money, here's your sister and someone to help care for her, here's your friends and loved ones, see you later we'll never bother you again'. And if he was being honest--that wouldn't have satisfied him either because it would be to easy and he would be looking for the catch. So, he was fucked no matter what, essentially.

Either way, he was sitting on the porch, War still kind of exploring the place. She was down on the bottom step, peering around over the edge on all sides, like she was waiting for something to grab her. Or maybe she was looking for Prophet hiding somewhere, who the fuck knew. He was more or less just waiting for her to decide what inanimate object nearby needed to die, and was rather hoping it wasn't his boot, which was still attached to his foot.

He was supposed to be spending his time settling in, but he wasn't. 'Settled' wasn't a feeling Jason would attribute to himself right this moment. After living so long in the house, and then wandering the woods for who knew how fucking long, the entire town setting was trippy at best. It was going to be a while before he could even remotely relax. He looked up though as he caught movement up the street, and he watched for a few moments. He saw a huge fuck off dog, which sort of made him wonder if he shouldn't put war inside. As the person got closer he saw that they were a short little thing. And closer still had him staring. Because he recognized them. He supposed he should have said something earlier, but didn't until she was practically walking by. It took him that long to decide he was really seeing her and Anubis, and wasn't imagining things.