hadley and penny

Is it Really Stealing?


Who: Hadley and Open
When: Morning
Where: Grocery store

The place was fucking deserted. It took her awhile to figure out that it wasn't just boarded up houses. It was... everywhere. She entered a few businesses to find them empty when they should have at least had an employee or two. Doors were open, everything appeared normal. But... yeah. Deserted. The fuck.

Hadley wasn't sure what to make of it. If it was some sick joke, if maybe there had been some disaster and everyone had been evacuated but her? Aliens had come and sucked everyone up into space, right? Doubtful, but after living through nine months of bullshit, no scenario that ran through her head was too far fetched. Inhaling deeply to soothe her nerves, she found her cigarette pack empty but for a few loose flakes of tobacco. Which led her on foot to the grocery store. It was the same as the others. Open but empty. And at that point she didn't give a shit. She went behind the counter and grabbed a carton of cigarettes, ripping it open and starting in on pulling the cellophane from the pack of cigarettes. If there was no around to tell her she couldn't do it, then fuck it. She needed a smoke. Maybe she could grab a box of Oreos while she was at it. Nicotine and sugar always made everything better.