don't get too out of touch

Who: Everett and Kales
Where: Cemetary behind the church
When: 7 pm

Don't They Know That Forced Interactions Never Work?


Who: Leah and Open
When: Morning
Where: The Movie Room

Leah had only been in this little town for a day, and now she was being forced to interact with other people. She wondered if these people realized that forcing some people to actually talk to other people would never work. The ones who didn't want to talk to others would simply find a way to hide from everyone, probably in the bathroom or something else similar. Besides, she hadn't been here long enough to hide away from society, not that she was planning to, anyway. Part of her therapy was for her to actually go and be around other people, and, since she was probably being watched at all times, was going to obey.

Since she had planned on going to the movies today anyway, with a sci-fi and fantasy movie marathon going on, she decided to simply go into the movie room also showing these movies. She wasn't sure if showing movies like "Alien" were a good idea for people recovering from trauma, but it was one of her favorites, so she was going to enjoy it, healthy or not.

PM to Kales

Got time for a drink and a talk? I figured I'd head up to the graveyard while everyone else fucks off to that cookout.

Finding your inner five year old

Who: Jillian and Everett
When: Shortly after 11 am
Where: The park!

Jillian had been getting kind of restless at her place; it was nice to have the space, but sometimes it was just too quiet. She needed to get out and move - so she did. Throwing a hoodie on over her t-shirt and longsleeved shirt, she pulled on a pair of tennis shoes and headed out for a walk. The faint noises of construction drew her attention and she found herself wandering out towards the park, catching the tail end of the construction going on. Were they seriously building a playground? She boggled for a minute, watching the men clean up and leave, then ventured in to investigate.

Seriously. A playground. With adult-sized playsets. What did these people think, that they were all five year olds on the inside? After a brief moment, Jillian let out a delighted whoop and dashed towards the merry-go-round, grabbing the cold metal bars and running to build up speed. Jumping on the spinning apparatus in a move that everyone learned as kids and never forgot, she perched on top of the bars and laughed while she spun. Apparently, they'd been right - at least in Jillian's case. She was very happy to be a total five year old right now.

Hidden Between the Lines


Who: Diata and Everett
When: morning
Where: Faded Pages

Diata had opened the store at eight-thirty that morning, though she didn't much expect any business until later. If any at all that day. She'd brought a small space-heater she'd found in her house and had it set up so it was blowing warm air toward her legs as she sat behind the counter, head propped up on the heel of one hand, sorting through a list of books to order she'd made up, and considering how many copies of each. At the very least, they let her use the internet to research titles -- she needed to, with the request for Braille -- but all the ordering was going to have to go through them.

She knew that Everett was coming, but she wasn't watching the door, content just to wait. If she was anything, she was patient. Even if he decided he didn't feel up to it and didn't show, it wouldn't bother her too much. Eyes skimming over the laptop screen in front of her, she pulled her sweater jacket a bit tighter around her and lifted her good leg to hug on the stool for a while. This winter was going to be a challenge.

PM to Kales

So I'm alive. So's Eris, believe it or not. Tell Dave I said hey, don't come by my place. We'll figure out a point to talk eventually.

- Everett

Holy ground

Who: Everett and open
Where: The church and cemetary
When: afternoon

By now, Everett understood that even the most sturdy and foolproof of plans wouldn't matter out here. In the compound, there had never been a way to plan for every eventuality. Why should things be any different here? They weren't and likely wouldn't ever be, if Eris being his neighbor was any standard to go off of. Which meant that Everett's plan to stay in and stay drunk as much as possible? Well, it wasn't going to work.

Didn't I already kill you?

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: Right outside their respective homes
When: Late day

Psychological affirmations were wonderful things; Everett hadn't needed more than the sight of a bottle and the feel of the glass in his hand before he'd started bleeding off the anger that his talk with Hannah had brewed. He'd let the range and tension bleed off in the supermarket, and by the time he'd stepped out and lit his first cigar in months? It was forgotten.

Everett's having a tea party

Who: Everett and Hannah
Where: Elm Street
When: afternoon

Laying low would only work for so long, and 'so long' wasn't very long at all when there wasn't a drop of liquor in Everett's house. He'd woken late with a pounding headache behind his eyes, half-expecting a cold steel bench beneath him instead of the mattress of his bed. Ev had grown used to them in the months he'd been surviving off the land, all they usually did was make his mood even less sunny than usual. Still, the prospect of having something to drink in the house was welcome enough that he was willing to chance running into the others from the mansion.

Civilized? (Private entry)

-----Private Entry-----

It's not going to end, not ever. Even if this supposed red tape gets worked out and we each get to our homes, even if I find the people who ran that nightmare and get to do every single thing I dreamt of doing? It won't end. No going back to life before this, no way to think like I used to or forget what I became with a little creative motivation.