Game time (public)

Let's have a talk, everyone. (public)

There was a meeting the other night, I'm pretty sure we're all aware it went down. But not nearly enough of us were there, and what we did work out won't matter if the whole damn lot of us aren't working together. Now I know we're all skeptical about trying to plan out much; we're stuck here and more or less at the mercy of the people who put us here. But that DOES NOT mean that there's no point in trying. For all we know, one or more of us might hit on an idea that the shits keeping us here won't see coming.

Valley Forge

Being here reminds me of the war. It's a strained feeling, tense like muscles drawn taut and held past their limits. Dark days and mistrust, that much is identical no matter how many differences there may be. I've never been an avid reader, though I like a good book now and then. Most don't stick with me, they didn't when I was younger and they sure don't as I get older each day. Still, some sections catch and take hold, and I'm grateful for it. In particular, 'Valley Forge', a book about one lost base of Marines, not so much about Vietnam as the people it touched, both soldiers and their families. I don't trust my memory for accuracy of this sort often, but here it's solid as bedrock.

Not so friendly smalltalk

Who: Everett and Indira
Where: right outside the bar
When: right after the meeting

Ev had tried to keep his hopes reasonable throughout the meeting; he knew the score here, after all. But there had been some hope he just couldn't crush. The idea that things could be different this time around died hard inside him, and he was still nursing it in private at the moment. The meeting was over, plenty of people had filed out of the bar, but Ev was still hanging around. Leaning against an outside wall, he flicked a match to life and brought it against his cigar, puffing it to life. He'd take his time here, make sure everyone cleared out, and walk a long circuit around town. Been a long time since I had a beat to walk, he mused silently, exhaling a cloud of dense smoke.

Many meetings

who: Jack and Open
where: The Bar
when: Evening

He hadn't opened the bar for a couple of days. It was strangely surreal, with most of the other businesses in the town closed down. Bethany's bright sign looked particularly lonely, and he wrinkled his nose as he unlocked the door.

Private message to Lina

So I'm sure you heard I was here by now. Hi. Enough smalltalk.

We both know what's coming. I knew when I woke up, so I hit the police station. Looks like someone else was there first, but I requisitioned every firearm and baton in the place. Now maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think people who know me'll be wild about me having every gun in town. So if you're okay with it, I think it'd be better if you had them. If you don't want them, I'll go dig a trench and bury them, no hard feelings. Let me know.

- Everett

No, that can't be.

Who: Diata and Everett
Where: Diata's house
When: Late evening

What a day, Everett mused as he trudged along the sidewalk, hopefully towards his last stop before going home and drinking himself to sleep. He'd covered the police station, secured the weapons, dropped most of them at home, and was in the middle of a final check on the streets. Ev had eventually discarded the table leg he'd started with, and now felt just a little better with a police baton slung through his belt. It wasn't much comfort in light of his encounter with Eris, but every bit helped with a mood like this. He should've felt better for helping restore power to the town, but it didn't feel like it was helping much. Just get it done, he told himself, moving up on the address the directory had listed as Diata's and knocking firmly on the door.

Most of the day had seen Diata in something like a very controlled panic. The power was off, most of the people were gone. She'd gone and checked her shop, locked things up tight, and prayed that no one would break in the big glass windows. Though she wasn't sure what they could possibly want to loot from the place, people were strange creatures when it came to tense situations. She'd walked into the grocery store and taken bags to dump canned goods into, as many as she thought she might need for a week or so, not wanting to fully loot everything. And then it had been some scared wandering before she'd gone back home and surrounded herself with candles as her mind spun over what could've possibly happened and how she could deal with it. She had her pills -- of which she'd already taken more than normal -- but God only knew how long those would last.

Let's Make A Deal

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: The police station
When: Evening

Everett had a problem; what was one man supposed to do with so many guns? He'd done what he could around town, helping Kales and Dale, rounding people up, and checking the local businesses. But before long his mind had drifted to the matter of the now-empty police station, and more importantly what was in it. What was in it, exactly, was several shotguns and even more revolvers, handcuffs, batons, and ammunition. Everett had pried open the weapons lockers with a crowbar from the hardware store, piling weapon after weapon on a desk nearby. FInally he'd found a duffel, and though he'd already unloaded the guns and started packing some away to transport, he wasn't sure where he was even taking them.

His house could work, but it wouldn't look good at all for the only black man in town to start stockpiling weapons on the day the overseers all vanished. Still, taking some blame was better than leaving the guns here for someone less scrupulous to find and use, and Ev didn't mind people having a problem with him. Tucking a shotgun away, he raised the last from the deck, racking it once to make sure no shells came free and dry-firing it at a wall.

Well, she'd thought she'd have to break in. She didn't. And that left her thinking that she might not have anything left to choose from, in which case, that was going to be tricky. When she walked in, she was quiet, her drunk left a few hours ago, and she was left with a dull headache, but that was to be expected. Her medication didn't really mix well with it.

Following sounds, she ghosted up, then saw Everett. Her chest tightened, a weighted, sharp feeling settling in it, though she didn't say anything right away. She saw the guns piled on the table, and grabbed one up. The first sound she made was checking the chamber to see if it was loaded. "Evening, Captain."

It's not over

Who: Dale and Everett, open to Dave and Kales
Where: Cherry Street, outside Dale's
When: 8 A.M.

Sifuna izindaba (private entry)

I'm keeping busy. It's only been a handful of days here and the woods feel months away. Puts me in mind of the war, of waking up in a field hospital and remembering that last fight like it was months ago, or even a bad dream. Just like then, I always have the scars to remind me just how recent it all was. But I'm getting by.