everett and leah

Don't They Know That Forced Interactions Never Work?


Who: Leah and Open
When: Morning
Where: The Movie Room

Leah had only been in this little town for a day, and now she was being forced to interact with other people. She wondered if these people realized that forcing some people to actually talk to other people would never work. The ones who didn't want to talk to others would simply find a way to hide from everyone, probably in the bathroom or something else similar. Besides, she hadn't been here long enough to hide away from society, not that she was planning to, anyway. Part of her therapy was for her to actually go and be around other people, and, since she was probably being watched at all times, was going to obey.

Since she had planned on going to the movies today anyway, with a sci-fi and fantasy movie marathon going on, she decided to simply go into the movie room also showing these movies. She wasn't sure if showing movies like "Alien" were a good idea for people recovering from trauma, but it was one of her favorites, so she was going to enjoy it, healthy or not.