everett and jillian

Finding your inner five year old

Who: Jillian and Everett
When: Shortly after 11 am
Where: The park!

Jillian had been getting kind of restless at her place; it was nice to have the space, but sometimes it was just too quiet. She needed to get out and move - so she did. Throwing a hoodie on over her t-shirt and longsleeved shirt, she pulled on a pair of tennis shoes and headed out for a walk. The faint noises of construction drew her attention and she found herself wandering out towards the park, catching the tail end of the construction going on. Were they seriously building a playground? She boggled for a minute, watching the men clean up and leave, then ventured in to investigate.

Seriously. A playground. With adult-sized playsets. What did these people think, that they were all five year olds on the inside? After a brief moment, Jillian let out a delighted whoop and dashed towards the merry-go-round, grabbing the cold metal bars and running to build up speed. Jumping on the spinning apparatus in a move that everyone learned as kids and never forgot, she perched on top of the bars and laughed while she spun. Apparently, they'd been right - at least in Jillian's case. She was very happy to be a total five year old right now.