everett and janie

i don't think any of us will ever be anyplace else

Who: Everett and Janie
Where: Janie's house
When: Evening

Oh and there's a bear out here.

who: janie and everett and OPEN FOR BEARNESS!!
when: morning
where: his house to start

Janie had gotten up early, and had planned on doing some more work on the town's supplies and everything, more list making, trying to get things organized. She had done all of that, and was bringing it over to Everett's place, so they could look it over together, and share insights on the people they'd met last night. It was a thing. She was mildly distracted, however, at the sight of a bear wandering up the street. She stopped, eyed it for a few long moments as it walked along, and she just stared. "Huh." she said, then she turned and continued on her way. Well that was interesting. She'd figured they wouldn't be dealing with crazy bears for a while yet. Guess she was wrong there. Walking up Everett's steps, she knocked on the door, the shotgun she'd taken the night before over her shoulder.

Inside, Ev was busy brushing a towel over his freshly shaved head, turning to each side to inspect his scalp critically. He was actually somewhat hopeful today, inspired by the turnout at the church yesterday and crossing his fingers for more of the same today. The knock at the door was a surprise, and Ev breezed from the bathroom to answer, wondering who it was and what crisis had them seeking him out. He snagged the remnants of a cup of coffee as he moved, swinging the door wide and grinning down at Janie with her gun. "Just couldn't wait to start blowing holes in things, hm?" he asked in greeting, stepping aside to let her in.

She smiled brightly back at him. "Oh, I just figured I'd get used to the weight." she said cheerfully. "I have more plans drawn up! Oh and there's a bear out here." she added, looking up the street towards the thing, which was in, fact, making it's way towards them by now. It wasn't charging or anything, it looked more lost to Janie than angry and grry, but it was a big ass bear. "I didn't have any honey." she told Everett, looking back at him.

One public, one private to Janie


Shooting lessons and gun safety, who's in? Anyone who is, I'll be up at the north end of what the directory tells me is Church Road in about two hours. If there's anyone who's game for helping me cover the basics of safety procedures, I'm open to help. And to everyone who might want to come out to practice? Bring a few empty cans, we'll need targets. If you (whoever you are) don't have time today, I'm hoping to do these lessons every three or four days until no one needs them. That's all, maybe see some of you out there.

- Everett

(Private to Janie)

PM to Janie

Where else are you planning to set up for a meeting point? I'm working on the church, but I'll make sure that anything useful I have over here ends up there too. Let me know. And it's funny, I finally believe what you always said back in the house. The end is coming.

- Everett