Date: Thursday, October 9th 2008

Event: Sometime during the day, it's not clear exactly when, Leah is removed from the town. The clinic remains open, and stocked, but with both doctors having been removed from town today, it's no longer staffed...

After dark, however, Leah's room is filled again - this time by Sophie. As per usual, she awakens in her bed with no knowledge of how she got there. All her belongings are put away in her room. She has not been given any information in regards to the town being abandoned.


Date: October 2 2008

Just as night falls, Svetlana and Cam will awake in their respective houses, in bed. All their possessions, if any, are already put away. The keys to their property can be found on the kitchen table. They were told yesterday whilst at the facility that they would be being moved to the town, they had, however, been led to believe that they'd be being driven in, rather than going to sleep and waking up having been moved. They haven't any knowledge or information about why the town is abandoned, in fact they were led to believe that everything was normal.