New Day Dawning


Who: Leo and Emma
Where: 2 Maple Street
When: Morning

It was later than he thought when Leo woke up with the slight remains of a headache. It took him a moment, but once he'd checked the clock and looked out of the window, he'd realised that was because the snow and clouds out there were making the day seem a lot darker than it should have been. That glance also confirmed that he'd been moved, which was a head trip. He'd expected to be driven to the town today, not simply to wake up in a strange - and baby blue (yuk!) - bed with, apparently, all his things put away. He crossed to the (his?) dresser and checked that. And then moved to the bathroom. Yes - everything was there, set out, in place. He shuddered slightly as he realised that it reminded him very much of that first day in isolation, when he'd woken up and everything had been just so. That little memory had him looking for the door and, when he found it, testing the handle. He couldn't pretend he wasn't relieved when it opened and he stepped out into the hallway. He looked around, realising that he was in a house and for a few minutes, retreated back into his room.

Sitting down at the computer there, he took the opportunity to write in the online journal (thank god he still had that functionality here - if not, he'd have been hunting for a pen and paper first thing! Got to get that in!) before heading out to explore the house. His house - that felt strange. So much space now, space to explore. Would he be sharing with anyone? They hadn't told him either way. If not, he'd have to brave the snow - there would be other people in town. He'd been promised that.


a morning in bed


Who: Jason and Emma
When: Morning
Where: their happy home

Emma had woken up to found they hadn't been moved again, which she supposed was a good thing. She really wasn't a fan of the musical chairs with houses. She'd liked it better living with Dave and Lina, but Dale and Esme were nice girls, and she got on with both of them. Like clockwork, she got up the same time as yesterday and headed into the bathroom. "You know, I never slept in all that much before you came along, but I wouldn't mind the opportunity once in a while." she mumbled.

She did her bathroom business and headed back out into the bedroom, casting a small smile in Jason's direction. "Morning."

"Morning." he answered. He'd woken up when she'd gotten up, that movement interrupting the light doze he'd been in. He really had to get used to sharing a bed again, that was for damn sure. He knew he would, but yeah. It might take a bit. A heavy pounce on the end of the bed announced War, who walked up the bed to snuggle into his back and start purring. "Morning, War." he mumbled as well, reaching back to scritch her head. "How'd you sleep, baby?" he asked, turning his blues on Emma again. He tugged the covers back to invite her back into bed.

and the point of this is....?


Who: The happy residents of 2 Maple Street (starting with Jason and Emma, open to Dale and Esme)
When: Morning
Where: 2 Maple Street

Rest in Peace

Who: Emma
When: Midday
Where: Cemetary

It didn't take long to find Torlin's grave.

It seemed so wrong that they all had to be buried here. Even in death they couldn't go home. Could anyone find peace laid to rest in this place?

Emma sat at Torlin's grave, and set a bouquet of roses beneath the headstone. She ran her fingers over the engravings, tracing her best friend's name. Finally losing her battle with her grief, Emma ducked her head and cried.

Awkward Conversations

Who: Drew and Emma
When: Midday
Where: Drew's house

After getting settled in her new home, Emma had spent the past couple of days orienting herself to the situation, and after that, there were two things she knew she needed to do. One, unfortunately, was going to have to wait until there wasn't a bear roaming about. The other was more doable - especially since Lina had loaned Emma her car. After taking a look at the town map, she headed to Drew's house. She didn't even know if he'd be there, but she wanted to try. Once she was standing at his door she took a deep breath, and rang the bell. Here goes nothing.

Drew wasn't expecting anyone. He really wasn't expecting anyone considering there was a bear in town. That generally put people off of the wandering around bit. Really, it was common sense. But, someone was ringing the doorbell. And not, he noted, pounding on the door like Jeremy had the other day. So, he wandered over, peeking through the side window before he even went near the door, paranoid habits still fully in play in his system. Especially after the whole empty town, 'hey this isn't over' neon sign had gotten lit. Seeing the blonde there had his hear skipping a beat a bit. Jesus, she was one of the last people he'd expected to see. Or, alright, maybe Holly was the last person he expected to see. But Emma was pretty close. Moving for the door, he opened it, up, then quickly looked around just to be sure that she didn't have her machete weilding boyfriend in tow. Because that would suck. "Um. Hi?" he suggested, also kinda looking for the bear, because hey. That was the last thing he needed. To not be hunted down by Lina and everyone else, but then be held responsible for Emma being mauled by a rogue bear. That would totally be awesome and what the hell was she doing here anyways? And had she put on weight?

Proper introduction.

{ Public entry. }

I know things are really messed up right now, but I thought I should post and properly (well, somewhat properly - the computer version) introduce myself. I just got into town a few days ago. My name is Emma, I'm from experiment A (it's so weird saying that). Before the experiment I was a photography student. I'm from Melbourne. Hi.

{ Viewable only to Experiment A. }

Hey again guys. I wanted to let you all know that I have a lot of footage from our experiment. Several books of photos, as well as random footage I shot through-out my time in the house. Once we weren't in the house anymore - and you guys were told that we were dead, I was put in solitary in a room. I'm not going to lie or hide around any of this - that room had a feed to the house. I didn't watch very often, doing so felt wrong, but there were times when I did - like if I felt lonely and just needed to hear a familiar voice. I never watched anyone's rooms or private moments. But that wasn't all I did. When bad stuff happened, experiments or mindfucks or whatever you want to call it, I left the feed going and taped it with my video camera. I didn't really think they'd let me keep it. My original goal was to someday get out of this place and make a documentary about what happened to us.

Regardless, I have a lot of footage and pictures. If anyone wants to view any of it, or wants a picture of a friend that didn't make it, I can make copies.

~ Emma ~

Home is wherever you are.

Who: Jason and Emma
When: Morningish
Where: Dave's house

After Hannah's last message, Emma couldn't even think about replying. She was locating the map and printing it whilst simultaneously dressing, and pulling a long blue duster she had knitted over everything. The house she was in was listed as Jason and Emma's house. Jason had been here. She was finally going to see him.

She couldn't even describe the flood of emotion she was going through. Her heart was racing and her eyes were tearing up but she just couldn't stop smiling. She scanned the map for Dave's house, found it, and ran out the door. She would have run the whole way, if she could. And, well, she really couldn't. She'd had a treadmill in her little princess suite - she'd demanded one - but this was still something completely different. Oh yeah, and the town was really freaking creepy. Her mind was flooded with thoughts and worries - what was going on here? - but that was all so unimportant compared to finding Jason. Her heart kept pounding, and she kept going. When she finally found Dave's house, she felt like her heart might explode. This can't be good for the baby. Which she would have to tell Jason about soon. Oh God, oh God.

Taking a deep breath, she pounded on the door.


Public entry.

Can someone please tell me where I am and what's going on?

What now?


Who: Emma
When: Morning
Where: Her new home

As Emma started to rouse from sleep, she could have sworn she smelled Jason. She smiled softly and moved to snuggle closer to him. Until her brain clicked on and she realized that was totally freaking impossible. She was awake and sitting up in an instant, eyes wide as she looked around the strange room. Pookie was sleeping at the foot of the bed, and Bubbles was in her cage on the floor. Her trunk was at the foot of the bed, as were all the rest of her things.

"No!" she shouted out, scrambling out of the bed. "No, no, no!" What had they done to her now? They'd promised her that soon she'd be with Jason again! Where was she?