Unfamiliar ceilings

Who: Jeremy and Owen to start with. Now open to Bethany, Chris and Drew
Where: Maple Street 1
When: Early morning

help if needed

Well, here's my official entry saying if anyone needs anything, I'm here to help if you want me to. Dave, if there's anything at the hospital computer-wise that'll make things easier for you...or even just moving equipment around so that you don't have to wander through a whole hospital just in case, I can do that. I want to try writing a program for the comptuers that'll be a kind of panic button. I'm not entirely sure I can do it, but I figure it's worth a shot. Maybe something that if hit, will flash everyone's screens, or start up a sound. It's only a vague idea right now.

Could we start again, please?

Who: Drew and Jeremy
Where: Jeremy's house
When: Morning

Drew had woken up to Rin being gone. Which...was not good. It hit him hard, blindsided him in a way that he should have seen coming--but for some reason hadn't. But then again, how was one ever really prepared to deal with someone disappearing? It wasn't like it got easier with time, or quantity of people. That just...didn't work. He'd looked all over the house, then gone to the one she'd vacated before, and...nothing. No, she was gone. Removed, even. Fuck. He'd walked around for a while, feeling like he was in a daze, until he found himself on Jeremy's porch. He sat there on the front step for at least twenty minutes, just...staring out at nothing.

Awkward Conversations

Who: Drew and Emma
When: Midday
Where: Drew's house

After getting settled in her new home, Emma had spent the past couple of days orienting herself to the situation, and after that, there were two things she knew she needed to do. One, unfortunately, was going to have to wait until there wasn't a bear roaming about. The other was more doable - especially since Lina had loaned Emma her car. After taking a look at the town map, she headed to Drew's house. She didn't even know if he'd be there, but she wanted to try. Once she was standing at his door she took a deep breath, and rang the bell. Here goes nothing.

Drew wasn't expecting anyone. He really wasn't expecting anyone considering there was a bear in town. That generally put people off of the wandering around bit. Really, it was common sense. But, someone was ringing the doorbell. And not, he noted, pounding on the door like Jeremy had the other day. So, he wandered over, peeking through the side window before he even went near the door, paranoid habits still fully in play in his system. Especially after the whole empty town, 'hey this isn't over' neon sign had gotten lit. Seeing the blonde there had his hear skipping a beat a bit. Jesus, she was one of the last people he'd expected to see. Or, alright, maybe Holly was the last person he expected to see. But Emma was pretty close. Moving for the door, he opened it, up, then quickly looked around just to be sure that she didn't have her machete weilding boyfriend in tow. Because that would suck. "Um. Hi?" he suggested, also kinda looking for the bear, because hey. That was the last thing he needed. To not be hunted down by Lina and everyone else, but then be held responsible for Emma being mauled by a rogue bear. That would totally be awesome and what the hell was she doing here anyways? And had she put on weight?


Who: Drew and Jeremy
Where: drew's porch
When: Shortly after noon

rin and drew

who: rin and drew
where: drew's house
when: morning

The town's abrupt abandonment, complete with a temporary loss of power, had sent Rin back into bad nights and nightmares - like most of the rest of the experiment's survivors, probably. But her time in the House served her well enough that once Drew showed up, she managed to pull it together, gather the candles and flashlights she'd thought to get from town, and tried to seem like she wasn't going to fall apart when Drew brought his friends over.


Who: Jeremy and open to Drew and then Cheryl
Where: Jeremy's house, then Drew's house and Cheryl's house
When: Sometime between 5 and 7am

Jeremy woke up early as was his custom these days. Nothing different about that day until he tried to turn on the light and failed. A small panic in that but he could get over it, just needed to change the lighbulb. But then the overhead didn't work either nor the light in the hallway. A bigger panic swept through him as he searched for matches, realizing yet another thing he should have bought when he went shopping. Why couldn't he smoke?

early morning twtiching...with coffee!

Who: Cheryl and Drew
When: Morning (?)
Where: Drew's house

Cheryl did exactly what she told herself she would do. She got up, showered, dried her hair and got dressed. And then she went to the park for awhile, trying to sort out her thoughts and dredge up some determination to be stronger about the entire situation. She thought of it as a self-motivating pep talk, which she realized halfway through was sort of pathetic, but if it worked, then who cared?

That explains a lot.

Who: Drew and Lina
When: Evening
Where: Computerland (IE: PM/email)

Well. At least now I know why you always seemed terrified of me.

Can we talk? We can do it on here, it doesn't have to be face to face or nothing.

Checking in


who: drew and rin(hopefully!)
where: her house
when: mid-day