diata and leah


Who: Diata and open
When: mid-morning
Where: Faded Pages bookstore

Diata didn't know what to do with herself. She honestly didn't. She felt more lost than she ever had in her life. Most of the people here ... they'd been through something like this before. They were attempting to make plans, they seemed more prepared mentally -- seemed likely being the operative word. Though she'd spoken to Everett periodically in the few days since this calamity had come down, she still felt so lost and abandoned.

Needing something to do with her hands, she'd gone to the bookstore. It hadn't been looted, as books weren't exactly a necessity, and after standing around in it for some time, just staring, she began to pack the shelves back up. The boxes were still in the back storeroom, and she very slowly assembled them again, packing one at a time. Maybe they would end up as kindling at some point, but she couldn't stand to look at them sitting there anymore, as though someone would come by to buy them. She perched on a stool and left the front door open for the breeze, flipping through pages as she packed them away.