diata and jeremy

Ready to Open

Who: Diata and Jeremy
When: around noon
Where: Faded Pages

Diata had spent a good chunk of the evening and night -- and three or four pills -- continuing to settle into her shop. She'd gotten the shelves all arranged as she liked them, and even had a neat little display of papers and magazines set up on a table in front of the big picture window. She'd swept the place out, dusted -- which it needed terribly -- and got all set up. It was a big job for one woman, but she'd done it before, and she rather enjoyed the work.

Eventually, around lunchtime, she felt finished, and opened the door. The chilly air came in, and it felt refreshing to her, though she knew that wouldn't last too long. This coming winter was going to be something to live through. She left it open for the time being, hoping to air the place out a little, and turned the sign on it around to say Open. It wasn't exactly a celebrated grand opening, but it would do for now.