diata and everett

No, that can't be.

Who: Diata and Everett
Where: Diata's house
When: Late evening

What a day, Everett mused as he trudged along the sidewalk, hopefully towards his last stop before going home and drinking himself to sleep. He'd covered the police station, secured the weapons, dropped most of them at home, and was in the middle of a final check on the streets. Ev had eventually discarded the table leg he'd started with, and now felt just a little better with a police baton slung through his belt. It wasn't much comfort in light of his encounter with Eris, but every bit helped with a mood like this. He should've felt better for helping restore power to the town, but it didn't feel like it was helping much. Just get it done, he told himself, moving up on the address the directory had listed as Diata's and knocking firmly on the door.

Most of the day had seen Diata in something like a very controlled panic. The power was off, most of the people were gone. She'd gone and checked her shop, locked things up tight, and prayed that no one would break in the big glass windows. Though she wasn't sure what they could possibly want to loot from the place, people were strange creatures when it came to tense situations. She'd walked into the grocery store and taken bags to dump canned goods into, as many as she thought she might need for a week or so, not wanting to fully loot everything. And then it had been some scared wandering before she'd gone back home and surrounded herself with candles as her mind spun over what could've possibly happened and how she could deal with it. She had her pills -- of which she'd already taken more than normal -- but God only knew how long those would last.

Hidden Between the Lines


Who: Diata and Everett
When: morning
Where: Faded Pages

Diata had opened the store at eight-thirty that morning, though she didn't much expect any business until later. If any at all that day. She'd brought a small space-heater she'd found in her house and had it set up so it was blowing warm air toward her legs as she sat behind the counter, head propped up on the heel of one hand, sorting through a list of books to order she'd made up, and considering how many copies of each. At the very least, they let her use the internet to research titles -- she needed to, with the request for Braille -- but all the ordering was going to have to go through them.

She knew that Everett was coming, but she wasn't watching the door, content just to wait. If she was anything, she was patient. Even if he decided he didn't feel up to it and didn't show, it wouldn't bother her too much. Eyes skimming over the laptop screen in front of her, she pulled her sweater jacket a bit tighter around her and lifted her good leg to hug on the stool for a while. This winter was going to be a challenge.

Holy ground

Who: Everett and open
Where: The church and cemetary
When: afternoon

By now, Everett understood that even the most sturdy and foolproof of plans wouldn't matter out here. In the compound, there had never been a way to plan for every eventuality. Why should things be any different here? They weren't and likely wouldn't ever be, if Eris being his neighbor was any standard to go off of. Which meant that Everett's plan to stay in and stay drunk as much as possible? Well, it wasn't going to work.