dave and lina


Who: Dave and Lina
When: Ass-early in the morning
Where: Dave's house

Lina tried not to head straight for Dave's house at five AM. Really, she did. She knew he didn't get off work until sometime around or after two AM, and really, she didn't need to wake him up at ass o'clock. This wasn't an emergency. Nobody was going to possibly die from what she knew.

But holy fuck, Lina couldn't deal with this bit of knowledge on her own. How the fuck did Hannah do it for who knew how long? No wonder that bitch was crazy.

PM to Dave

We need to talk.

run, bitch, run!

Who: Dave and Lina
When: 5 AM
Where: The streets of the town with no name.

Lina's 5 AM routine hadn't stopped in the woods, and it sure as hell didn't stop here. Every morning she was up and out the door at five for a run. The sick part of it all was that, at least in this aspect, she actually missed those damn woods. Not the living, sleeping, and shitting in them part. But when she'd been living in the house, every morning she'd taken a different trail in the woods. She'd enjoyed that, even when everything else around her blew.

Dave coming along today was interesting, though. Unexpected, and definitely not something she was used to, but she couldn't say that was a bad thing. Just interesting.

Dave was up, like he was up every morning. He was working a late shift today, but he was still up. And waiting for Lina on the porch. Prophet was sniffing round the front yard in the predawn light, oblivious to everything else as Dave contemplated the fact that as winter drew in, the swimming pool was, at least, heated...

PM to Lina

So, you starting your morning run again? There's not many people around at 5am...

Freddie's dead.

Who: Dave and Lina
When: Early afternoon
Where: Dave's house

Lina had run. A lot. Until she felt ready to collapse, which with her record, was a hell of a lot. Took main street west and ran far past to where she could see the town, and when she finally collapsed she screamed herself out. She was still desperately wishing she could cling to denial. Logic told her she shouldn't believe shit that guy told her, but at the same time, she felt like she'd always known she'd gone too far that time. She'd always known she killed him, insane as that was, even to her.

She'd killed him. Shit, she'd fucking killed him. The guilt of fucking him up, of losing control, had been bad enough. But she'd actually fucking killed him.

Once she'd screamed herself hoarse, she got up, and started running again. It was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted a fucking car, she wanted some speed, she wanted to lose control, she didn't care if she wrapped the damn thing around a tree. She wanted a drink - fuck that, she wanted an entire damn bar, something to make this go away - but none of that was possible right now. She had a vague idea of where Dave and Jason's houses were now, and Dave's was closer.

Were she of a mind to pay attention, she would have noticed the difference in neighborhoods and housing, and probably would have been pretty pissed over it. That didn't matter right now. She determined which house was Dave's simply by spotting Prophet in a yard, and breathless, she pounded on the door.

Prophet had started barking the moment someone had approached the hosue, until he'd realised it was Lina and promptly shut up, instead going up to her and getting in her way as she approached the door.

It was the barking that alerted Dave, moments before the pounding on the door and he opened it quicker than he would normally. "Hey, Lina - what's... You okay?" he asked, taking a look at her and standing back so she could come in.