dave and jason

catch up


Who: Dave and Jason
Where: Dave's house
When: Afternoon

It was strange, working in a hospital again, with other people. And, currently, not particularly exciting. The ER that morning when Dave had been on shift had been a slow stream of minor complaints that he could have dealt with in his sleep. The doctor was beginning to realise that getting used to the idea that he didn't have to cope with everything that came through the doors was going to be hard. Going home at the end of the shift had taken someone actually telling him to leave the department. There had been patients still to see, it just hadn't clicked in Dave's brain properly that there were other people available to see them. he was still twitching a little now, several hours later. He'd come home, had a shower and then gone out for a run, hoping the exercise would help. It hadn't, but he had found the pool in town, so that was something positive - he could start his daily swimming again. he'd missed that whilst they'd been stuck out in the woods for so long.

Jason wasn't necessarily dealing any better than his friend. He was at loose ends. There was no other way to put it. There was nothing to deal with but a cat who seemed to be just as twitchy as he was and filling silence in the house. A house he didn't especially like, want, or feel any connection with. Even if he'd made a cursory effort to put some of his things in each room, it hadn't worked, and he hadn't really thought it would. So...whatever. Either way, he was going to see Dave. At least he now had something to share, though he figured he should bring Katalina too.