PM to Dale

Planning on staying in? I want to, but shouldn't. Want to go to the church, try and help. Probably not much use, but better to offer, right? Can I get a ride? Won't make it on foot.

Radio Nowhere Ep. 2

Who: Dale
Where: on the radio airwaves
When: evening

Sidewalk Salt


Who: Dale and OPEN!
Where: Her house
When: Middle of the morning

Radio Nowhere Ep. 1

Who: Dale
When: evening
Where: radio station

First Customer!

Who: Dale and Trent
Where: Trent's salon
When: Afternoon

It's not over

Who: Dale and Everett, open to Dave and Kales
Where: Cherry Street, outside Dale's
When: 8 A.M.


Who: Dale
Where: Her house
When: Midnight

When the lights go out in Dale's house, you can hear the structure groan.

a placeholder

a placeholder

Two tunnel rats walk into a bar

Who: Trevor and Dale
When: Evening
Where: Bar
Note: If anyone wants to interrupt them where it leaves off, that'd be awesome ;)

The Music Waited For Him


Who: Ben, Dale
Where: Ben's House (5 Main St.)
When: late afternoon