chris and lina

Psycho Bitch


Who: Chris and Lina
When: Late morning
Where: Wandering around town

This place? Was kind of fucked up. And creepy, in the Pleasantville sort of way. Actually, it was very Pleasantville. Any minute now Lina expected to see little blonde girls in poodle skirts skipping out of a malt shop hand in hand.

God, she hoped that wouldn't really happen. She'd seen a lot of shit in the past nine months, even played hockey with an internal organ or two - in the quite literal sense - and had developed quite the strong stomach, but that would truly make her ralph, right on the street.

She'd left the house - her house, she reminded herself - just to see what the fuck was out there. She needed a car. Though really, after an entire summer and half of spring trekking through the woods, she was more than used to walking. It was the principal of the thing. She missed having a car. One of the first things she'd done, before they'd even put her in this place, was access her bank account and go wild with ordering parts. She was looking forward to that. And there was little else to look forward to.

Aimless walking through the town had eventually taken her to an abandoned school, which she looked at from the sidewalk. So. Fucked. Up.

Chris was also walking. So, they'd provided them with a town map - whoopsiedo. Wow, it was a piece of paper with lines on it. Lines that meant fuck all if you didn't really know where you were going. Or have any idea of the reality of your situation. So, he was walking, map in one hand, loosely, putting reality to paper, committing it to memory, wanting to really know the town. And, also, keeping an eye out for people he knew. His fellow interns, the experiment 'people'. And intrigued about those he didn't know - so there had been more than his labrats. That was interesting, very interesting. And only peaked his curiosity of the scientists, who obviously had wider remits than he'd imagined. He liked that. Vision, ambition. He liked that a lot.