chris and jeremy


Who: Chris and Jeremy
Where: Main Street
When: Morning

Chris was walking home from the grocery store, a bag in each hand. He really need to get a car - this whole walking thing was a pain in the ass. And, of course, he knew that it meant that anybody he came across would be able to see the fucking huge shiner that he had. Fucking bitch lab rat.

But at least he had food he liked now. And it was a nice enough day for walking - heavens and small mercies and everything. And at least the town was mildly interesting as well - the stalls from yesterday were gone, but there were people around. It was still in that stage where people were randomly stopping on the street to talk - strange, but everyone was a stranger and Chris wasn't going to not go with that. He hardly knew anyone in town and it'd be nice to meet someone who wasn't going to bitch at him or sock him one, that was for sure.