chris and emily

Park Meeting


Who: Emily and Chris
Where: the park
When: morning

Chris was thankful that the black eye Lina had given him a couple of days before was starting to go down now, but the bruising was still evident as he headed around the park that morning. It was quiet here at the moment - though, really, it was quiet everywhere in the small town most of the time. But here, he supposed that it could be referred to as 'serene', with the expanse of grass, the scattered trees and the small lake to one side. And, it being well into fall, the place probably also classed as 'beautiful', given the torrent of colours from the turning leaves.

Chris bent and picked up an autumnal leaf, holding it by the stalk and turning it over to look at the veins running through the leaf. He smiled a little and shifted, crumpling the dead leaf in his fist, before letting the pieces fall to the ground as he continued his walk.

Emily was sitting on one of the benches that had been placed around the lake at intervals, although the cynical side of her found the whole scene to be a little too picturesque and so serene that it made her skin itch a little. Still. It was nice. It was normal. Normal-looking anyways, and any relief from the spin that Jeremy's little journal confession had sent her into was something she'd willingly grasp at with both hands. She'd grabbed a shawl to wrap around herself as she sat out on the lake, watching the wild geese and thinking that next time, she'd bring some bread or something to feed them with, before it got too cold and they all flew.... where ever it was they'd fly to.