Running To Stand Still

Who: Glitch, Cheyenne, and possibly Jack
Where: Outside the vicarage
When: Noonish (just after Cheyenne and Jack's previous scene)

Glitch was glowing with sweat despite the cold. But it had felt so good to just run. She hadn't had that freedom in months. Seeing Ronnie was a bonus she hadn't expected, but one that really warmed her soul. It really helped her outlook to see that she was alive and healthy. It gave her hope for the other people from her experiment that had gotten out.

on the way to the haunted house

who: cheyenne and jack
where: the streets
when: noonish

Cheyenne had left a note for Veronica at the house, that was short and sweet. It read:
'Ronnie! Went to check on Glitch, talk to you soon!
kisses! ♥ cheyenne

She didn't want to run out on the girl when she'd just got in, and she knew they needed to talk too, but she'd seen Ronnie, seen she was all whole, in one piece and everything, and she needed to go check Glitch out to be sure of the same. Which meant she had on her sunglasses again, she was all bundled up nice...with the big black umbrella. She looked like a very silly vampire. Or something. She didn't know. But she couldn't help it. She was also determined to try and get to the house without bailing, or trying to duck into the nearest car. Which...was proving difficult, really. And in fact, as she walked along, she needed to take a second to huddle in a empty house's porch, needing the little roof over her head, and she stood there shivering for a long moment, counting to ten, trying to tell herself it was fine, the big bad wide open world was just the same as it had always bloody well been, it wasn't any different, and couldn't hurt her.

That was just easier to say than accept in a state where one wanted to hyperventilate.

checkin in on the toby

who: cheyenne and tobias
where: their house
when: mid morning

Family Drama on Christmas

Who: Open to the groups converging on Scott. And of course Scott.
When: Morning
Where: Town Hall and the Christmas tree

Before having gotten dressed to leave, he had quickly opened his box but didn't really peruse the contents which was why he had only grabbed the video camera. There wasn't really time to look and it would be there later (he hoped). Although he was definitely pleased that there was a video camera because this stuff needed to be documented. Anyhow, he'd gotten dressed quickly and made his way downstairs with the video camera.

With Cheyenne hanging off of his arm the whole time in a complete and utter death grip, it was kind of difficult to slush through the snow. Still, he wasn't going to complain because someone was with him. He wasn't alone and that was the best feeling in all the world. Plus she had the umbrella and his poor pale skin wasn't going to get beaten with the sun.


Hello everyone. I've just arrived in town, and got a different story than is the case, but I'm kind of getting the impression they're doing that to everyone. My name is Cheyenne, and I was in Experiment D. (So, HI fellow experiment participants! I've missed you!) Let's see, a little about myself. I like taking pictures, I'm kind of working at becoming an artist, I used to be a model. I used to be part of the council that we set up together in my experiment as well, I'm really not sure what's going on with society-structure in town, if anything? Anyone want to give me the rundown?

invasion of the girly-type

who: cheyenne and open to ben, adam & tobias(good for multiple people!)!
where: 10 park road
when: morning

Cheyenne had woken up fairly early, even if she hadn't quite gotten up straight away. Mostly she'd gotten up and looked around her room. It was kind of smallish, kind of homey. Different. She'd looked outside, but that had proved fairly pointless after a while, being it seemed like someone had taken a huge eraser and scrubbed out the rest of the world out there. Either that or someone had had a terrible accident with an industrial vat of white-out.