cheryl and hannah

Greasy Bacon and Pancakes

Who: Cheryl and Hannah
When: Midmorning
Where: Diner

Cheryl felt adrift by the time the sun came up. She'd had trouble sleeping again with the house creaking and every little noise causing her to sit up in bed and look around. It had gotten to the point where she was dressed and had coffee before six am. She did her laundry, cleaned the house - although it was still pretty spotless - and forced herself to stay put and not run to Jeremy or Drew. She'd told Drew she needed to meet more people in town, so she was hoping that would be the case when she finally ventured outside mid-morning. As much as she understood it, she didn't want to grow paranoid of the participants the way Jeremy had and she didn't want to consistently hide away inside of her house after having been locked up for six months.

She stopped at the diner first to get some breakfast, not feeling much in the mood to cook. And cereal wasn't to cut it today with her appetite. Cheryl sat at the counter rather than a booth, not really wanting to isolate herself for some reason. If she was going to "readjust" to society, that also meant not hiding in the corner.