note to self [private, handwritten]

Thank god, they didn't "lose" my journal somewhere. What with all the weird shit around here, I don't want to trust everything to electronics.

It occurs to me to ask...

Is there anyone from "Experiment E", as they so eloquently were referring to it, here? Anyone holed up somewhere?



I've been searching through this computer, and it looks like I'm (a)in a town full of lunatics or (b)about to hit some serious fucked up shit.

Let's rephrase.
I'm (a)in a town full of lunatics AND/OR (b)about to hit some serious fuckedup shit.
Is this the help we were looking for when we left the house? An abandoned town full of hurt, paranoid people? With, apparently, little to no food? I could have stayed in the woods!

New Girl in Town


Who: Camber (& open)

Where: Cam's house

When: A little after nightfall


Camber woke with a start, but for the first time in weeks, it wasn't accompanied by the persistent drumroll of her heart, or any sense of foreboding. Rather, she felt like she was late for something, or there'd been a loud noise. Her eyelids felt heavy, weighted. She blinked past the fog, trying to remember where she was, her brain sorting itself through Chicago/the house/the woods/the facility before settling on...


She had no idea where she was.

Cam sat up a little straighter and looked around, squinting to see in the dark. She couldn't remember what she'd been doing last: they'd been telling her about the town, about what went on there, the volunteers, the other participants...had her sign forms.

She was going to be driven to the town in the morning.

High Stress Situations.

...fuck this.

I should have known, I suppose. It was too easy. It was all too easy. The house was, and now, the promises...
I should have known it was just beginning.

Well. Let the fuckin' games begin, then.