Cabin Fever


Who: Camber (and Jesse, later on)
When: afternoon
Where: Heading down from the farm towards the middle of town

Rock on.


Who: Cam and open
Where: 9 Park
When: Break of dawn. I mean. 8 am.

Cam was jolted into consciousness by an alarm clock radio playing "Baby, It's Cold Outside," with the weird echo of something else -- further away? In another room? Outside? Whatever it was, it was a cacophony of jingly, happy, snowy music, the kind that reminded her of construction paper and glitter, and family get togethers where everyone got drunk and her uncles fought with each other.

"That's it," she mumbled, sitting up and rubbing the sleep dust forcefully from her eyes. "I really am in...Hell." The words died on her lips as she found herself staring at a bright bass guitar in a stand beside her bed. "Oh my god." She nearly jumped out of bed, careful not to knock it over but hasty to look and touch and -- yeah, it was completely real. "Holy shit."

And there was more. One huge package by the foot of the bed, and a smaller one on her dresser. What was all this? Had everyone gotten these?

She ran her fingers over the strings, hesitant to leave the bass, as if it might disappear if she blinked, but curious about what was going on. "Hey guys!" she called into the hall, poking her head out, as if the raucous Christmas music hadn't been enough. "Wake the fuck up, Santa left presents."


Who: Camber and Janie
When: Late afternoon
Where: ...the same damn house.

Camber had taken some food up to her bedroom to eat and write, and in the process had gotten side tracked looking over her journal entries. She knew by now the scientists were probably reading them, but she still didn't feel comfortable, some how, directly addressing them. They'd never been a direct presence in her life before, and some semblance of privacy, the notes to herself, the little things she squirreled away for her own keeping...

Breakfast Soothes The Mind

Who: The residents of 9 Park Road (Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira)
When: Morning
Where: 9 Park Road

Another Pair of Hands


Who: Camber and Lina
Where: The Garage
When: Mid-Morning

Camber looked at her printed-out map, fretting a little. Right then. Lina, at the garage. Between Jeremy and Dave, Camber knew where to go and who she was looking for, but beyond that she knew nothing about the woman she was going to be talking to.

[private, handwritten]

Power keeps flickering. I've got to remember to write things down. Or they'll get lost.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Who: Brianna and any ExErs.
Where: Brianna's house then off to Elm Street.
When: Nightfallish

message to bri

Hey Bri --

From what I can tell, they think that when new people come in, others are swapped out. Everett's looking to get people to buddy-system it up and search houses, see who's here, alive, okay, who's new, who's...not.

I figure us being the newbies, we're gonna get pinned with any disappearances one way or the other, so we might as well join the search party. The idea of someone just disappearing and not being noticed until it's too late to do anything about it is a little...well, let's just say it's a little close to home.

I'm gonna take Elm Street. You game?


behind the mask [private]

"Life is just a chance to grow a soul"?
WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Who leaves a beautiful mask on someone's doorstep and then writes something like that in it?
I just - what the hell?
. . .Okay.



lalala the server ate my scene