calvin and lina

the grocery store: it's the new kitchen.

Who: Calvin and Lina
When: Noonish
Where: the grocery store. it's the place to be.

Calvin hadn't realized how much he'd missed having a fully stocked kitchen until he'd faced the prospect of bare cupboards. He wasn't sure whether the fact that he could now choose what the hell he wanted to eat fully made up for the inconvience of having to buy it, but it kept him from bitching about it too much. He locked up the house tight before leaving, only to have to return for money, not quite used to paying for things again.

His second attempt at reaching the market was successful, and he grabbed a cart, taking a moment to scowl down at this list before searching for food. He bypassed the fresh food, grabbing at just about anything in a can. Not like he had to be choosy, he had the money for it after all.

Before the experiment, Lina had never really been a list person. She sort of always lived like a broke college kid, grabbing shit she needed when she thought of it and could afford it. That afford it part was terribly important, and no few nights she just mooched off of friends. Now she had the funds to get whatever she wanted, or fully stock her house with shit she'd possibly want someday a few weeks from now. She didn't. She still waited until she thought of something specific she needed, and went for it then. At least some things never changed.

She was trying not to think about anything important and just space out, but it wasn't working so well. She paused as she took a turn and saw Calvin. Looking grumpy. Yeah, some things never changed. "Apparently, we're the spoiled fucks of the traumatized labrats club. Who woulda thunk it?"