brody and seth

Making the best of it.

Who: Seth and Brody
When: afternoon
Where: the Town Hall movie room

Seth surprisingly hadn't argued when the town officials showed up at his door and informed him of what was going on today. He wasn't thrilled with it, but maybe he could turn it into an opportunity. If he was going to be used ever again, he'd have to know these people. So it was a chance to watch. Without looking like he was watching.

Keeping that in mind, he mingled through the rooms here and there, not really introducing himself to anyone or interacting much. Just examining things with a Coke in his hand and listening. He'd ended up settling in the room that they were showing movies in, slouched in a chair with one boot up on another one. He wasn't even really paying attention to the sci-fi slop; his mind was elsewhere. But he was there, waiting for either something to happen or for them to be allowed to go home.