brody and eris

dot dot dot


who: eris and brody
where: the rec center
when: late afternoon

Eris hadn't slept after she'd got tossed out of Brett's house. She hadn't gone back home. Home was too close to Everett's house. It was too close to Lina's house. It was basically just walls that she hated, with nothing inside she even really wanted. She was seriously considering just...not staying there anymore. Either way she hadn't returned. She'd gone walking. She'd considered drinking, but hadn't, in the end not wanting to give herself more of a headache than she already had.

She'd wandered around town, then saw the rec center, and decided to go investigate inside. Where she found a pool. That was more perfect for her state of mind. The lights in the building were off, but she flicked on the ones inside the pool. Searching the locker rooms found her a swimsuit that of course, looked like it was from the 50's. She couldn't be bothered to give a shit about fashion, however, so she just...put one on, and dove in. She'd swam a while, doing laps, before she tired out, and then she grabbed an innertube and tossed it into the pool. She climbed into it, relaxed back, and contemplated the strange shadow and light dance on the walls and ceiling, from the main light source being underwater.