goodbye, sweetheart

who: eris and brett
when: early afternoon
where: spooky house of doom

Eris had gotten her shit together in her room, which really hadn't taken her that long. It wasn't as if she had a ton of stuff with her in the first place. Just things for their journey. Which...well, she didn't need anymore, now did she? Brett was pissed, and was probably disowning her, finally. Funny, how it was over something he got the truth over. She should have just lied to him like everyone else. Would have been easier. But no, she had her stupid truth thing with him. Fucking stupid.

Judge not...

who: brett, eris and everett, open to others in the vicarage
Where: 2nd floor
when: morning


who: brett and eris
where: the random church of DOOM
when: morning, throughout the day

Eris woke early. At least, she thought it was early. The light coming in from outside was muted at best, due to the stained glass, and there weren't any normal windows. Mostly what roused her was the sound of the wind, and the smell of something that made her stomach growl. So, slowly, she came awake, and she propped herself up on one arm, looking in the darkness of the building. She could see vague outlines, but not much more. The smell of food, however, was still strong, and she reached for her lighter, flicking it and she lit the candle that had been placed next to the pew she'd been using. Vaguely, she tried to remember when she got back the night before. Or if she remembered coming back at all.

That wonder died, however, when she saw up on the altar, there was a long table that hadn't been there before, the podium pushed off to the side. There were dishes there, covered, but obviously being kept heated. Standing, she silently moved a little closer towards the altar, but stopped when something else caught her attention. The door...well. I was different. Different in the way that it was sort of not looking like it was there anymore. A sick feeling rose up in her stomach, and she walked over closer, and saw a simple typed note tacked to the wall where the door used to be. "Relax, enjoy the food we've provided you. We will return to collect you later." was all it said. Drawing in a deep breath, she let it out slowly, fighting that sick feeling back down again, and she looked back over her shoulder at Brett. He was still asleep. Setting the candle down, she walked over, and sat down on the floor beside him, not actually moving to wake him. Instead she just sat there in the semi dark, eyes on him. This? Was not going to go well.

Burning the Cards of Fate


who: brett and eris
where: the middle of nowhere
when: early evening

First Night


Who: Brett and Eris
Where: Out of town
When: Night

They'd left the town behind. They'd driven until they'd run out of gas the first time. Then they'd filled the tank back up with what they'd packed, though that hadn't given them a second full tank. She'd driven them until the car sputtered and died, and then she just let it coast until it came to a full stop on it's own. Then she stuck it in park, and eyed the odometer. It'd be a long walk back, if they were planning that. Which she knew they weren't. She'd gotten a wagon like she'd wanted in town, and that helped for hauling. Made it a lot easier on her to walk, pulling that along behind her with everything they needed. The terrain wasn't necessarily good, but it was good enough that Brett could cover ground. Most of the day had been spent quietly, really, til it came time for them to set up for the night. How much ground they'd actually managed to cover she didn't know. Didn't actually matter, one way or another, so she didn't ask, either.

She'd set up the tent, and started a low fire, all the while trying to ignore all the aches in her frame, and the fact that her feet felt like hell. She hadn't had time to break her boots in properly, so while nicely supportive and all that good shit--she knew she had blisters. Bad ones, and she knew more than one had burst during the course of the day. She just hadn't opted to say anything. She wasn't going to start bitching now. Drinking some water from the canteen that she'd been nursing most of the day, she finally sat down, and a moment later, she slumped over onto her side, back to the fire. Staring out at nothing, she wondered just how hard it would be to get to the tent. She could skip eating, right? She didn't feel hungry. She probably was, but her stomach wasn't necessarily happy with her. Maybe she'd sleep right where she was. Brett could have the tent, he'd like the privacy.

Brett wheeled out of the darkness, having taken himself away to deal with various matters in some privacy, coping better than he'd feared, all things considered. In fact, today had been better than he'd feared - he'd actually been able to keep going, which was the best he could ask for, in his opinion. Well, other than a proper road, or real civilisation. But, the day had been clear, if cold, and he couldn't stop the remembrance of why it was he'd once loved being outside so much.

Finalising Plans


Who: Brett and Eris
Where: The abandoned house on the good side of town where Eris is staying
When: Evening/night

Eris was waiting. She didn't actually know if Brett would be back, or when, she was just going through things. If he had told her, she didn't remember, and that was frustrating. She had the vague idea in her mind that he was off doing something important, but was having trouble remembering what. However, there was little she could do about it, and she figured eventually he'd be back. At some point, he'd have to be. She had candles going in the living room, where she had a lot of the gear they'd packed up for their trip put into certain areas. She had an inventory going in a notebook she was writing in as she sat on the floor, using the coffee table as her desk. Reading over her list, she recognized that when she'd been writing, she'd written some things down two times. Three, in the case of waterproof matches. It'd be better if keeping notes actually helped, but apparently, when she had so much she was trying to keep track of, things slipped.

It was also the third time she'd tried to do the goddamn thing, and there were balled up sheets of paper thrown across the table. Sighing, she took a drink from the bottle of water she had next to her, and tried to pick out the duplicates on her list. Obviously she'd counted them. So they were here somewhere. She just needed to cross out what she'd repeated, and relist everything on a new sheet. Tearing the one she had open off, she started the re-list, trying to make sure every time she wrote down a new item, it wasn't already on the list.

Brett finally returned to the abandoned house, though it wasn't immediately after his conversation with Hannah. He'd been in no mood to deal with anyone following that one. He managed to get his chair up the board that had been left on the back steps and into the house, wheeling into the living room and stopping at the other side of the table, before leaning forward and placing the pistol and the ammunition in front of her. "Not a problem," he told her, sitting back again. 'Hello' was overrated, after all.

Unpleasant Surprises

Who: Brett and Hannah
When: Afternoonish
Where: In between Hannah's place and the church

Hannah hadn't been planning on going down to the church; she doubted there was much she could do to help out, and she didn't want to be seen supporting the decision to arm the people in the town. In her opinion, that was a damn good way to get shot by some friendly (and crazy) fire. So she'd stayed home, wondering when she was going to hear from Jason about Emma and wondering if she wanted to know badly enough to risk interrupting them - wherever they were. She'd been playing her cello when the doorbell rang; that was unexpected enough that she didn't really think about ignoring it.



who: eris and brett
when: afternoon, on towards evening
where: abandoned house

Eris was laying down on the porch swing of a house that was larger than the one she'd been landed with. She didn't even remember what street it happened to be on. Her hair was cascading down over the arm of it. One leg of hers was hooked over the back of it, the other propped on the opposite arm rest. The swing was slowly rocking back and forth, and she had a bottle of vodka, and a small battery powered radio on the floor of the porch, playing music softly. She wasn't paying any attention whatsoever to...oh anything. No, she was more or less just laying there, eyes shut as she tuned out everything in the entire world. That was easier to do of late than it had been before the brain damage, after all. She might as well take advantage.

Brett had been looking for her for a couple of days now. It had stopped being such an active looking for, but it was there and so he spied her as he wheeled past the house. He stopped, still on the pavement, looking around, but the street seemed deserted. "Hey, white trash - how's it going?" he called out, figuring that, in some perverse kind of way, she'd probably prefer the insult to any of the other names he could have used. At least she'd be able to pretend they weren't friends.

The swing slowed down a bit as she didn't keep swaying the foot hooked over the back of the seat to keep up the momentum. "Not sure, I think I'm missing a few things...probably six kids, a trailer, a junker on blocks in the front yard and an overflowing ashtray. Yeah...that's it." she said in return, not actually looking round. It had also taken her a few moments to decide what route she was going to take there, the slowing of the swing giving her that necessary time.

The Point

Who: Brett and Lina
Where: The garage
When: Early afternoon

Brett had a bad feeling about this as he wheeled himself into the garage in search of Lina. then again, he had a bad feeling about almost everything - especially that which meant that he had to actively seek out the advice of others. He'd much prefer to keep himself to himself, but he'd said that he'd go and even if things had changed somewhat with the news he'd gotten over night, he was still sticking with the plan until he could find that woman and actually talk to her about things. "Hey, anyone here?" he called, making his way forward, leaving the door to the outside open.

It seemed a little pointless to be here for Lina - people were still trying to figure out what was going on, but, fuck it. Volunteers had shown up, so she stayed for work. Not that she actually did a whole hell of a lot of it. She was letting her mind wander in the back room when she heard a call. She got up and walked out into the main room, eyeing the guy in the wheelchair. "Yep. What can I help you with?"

"How very 28 Days Later - only with less zombies."

Who: Brett and Indira
When: Mid-morning
Where: Grocery store

To say Indira hadn't expected the situation she'd found herself in upon waking would be an understatement. She'd been led to believe her arrival in this oversized halfway house would be by car or other motorized transport, not that she'd be drugged and moved in the night. Not to mention, no one from her experiment save Addison was here - or if they were, they weren't answering.