brett and lina

The Point

Who: Brett and Lina
Where: The garage
When: Early afternoon

Brett had a bad feeling about this as he wheeled himself into the garage in search of Lina. then again, he had a bad feeling about almost everything - especially that which meant that he had to actively seek out the advice of others. He'd much prefer to keep himself to himself, but he'd said that he'd go and even if things had changed somewhat with the news he'd gotten over night, he was still sticking with the plan until he could find that woman and actually talk to her about things. "Hey, anyone here?" he called, making his way forward, leaving the door to the outside open.

It seemed a little pointless to be here for Lina - people were still trying to figure out what was going on, but, fuck it. Volunteers had shown up, so she stayed for work. Not that she actually did a whole hell of a lot of it. She was letting her mind wander in the back room when she heard a call. She got up and walked out into the main room, eyeing the guy in the wheelchair. "Yep. What can I help you with?"