Who: Adam and open to everyone else in his house
Where:10 Park Road
When: After dawn

green or orange

Who: Ben and Dale
Where: Ben's place
When: Afternoon

Eyes bigger than her stomach

Who: Svetlana and Ben.
Where: Ben's place.
When: Early early morning - pre dawn.

PM to Dale

Planning on staying in? I want to, but shouldn't. Want to go to the church, try and help. Probably not much use, but better to offer, right? Can I get a ride? Won't make it on foot.

Rise and shine

Who: Ben and OPEN
Where: Right outside Ben's house
When: morning

Good people get fed

Who: Ben and Jeremy
Where: Main Street
When: Dusk

The Music Waited For Him


Who: Ben, Dale
Where: Ben's House (5 Main St.)
When: late afternoon


Volunteers here, right? Decided to come to this place? Had your reasons?

Need groceries, got issues. Hard to go myself. Sorry, hate to ask, would go if I could. Just basics? Cans that don't spoil. Expecting nothing but going myself.

Selfish? (Private Entry)

He said his name was Jeremy. Stood tall and scared with the sun going down, like his shadow stretching out and looming over would smack him like father to child who misbehaves. Didn't say what he went through, didn't have to. Pain etches deep around the eyes; crow's feet. Crows feed on death, death's the runoff of pain and suffering, the final product of life.

Out in the open

Who: Ben and Jeremy
Where: Main Street, outside Ben's
When: early evening

Jeremy was really disliking shopping more and more. It was an entirely all too action filled event for him and add to that the whole being outside for ten minutes straight served not to make it his favorite part of his new life. He made a mental note of seeing if the car in his garage worked, even if he'd rarely ever used a car in his life for such short trips.