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PM to Leo

I need someone to confide in. Can I use you for that? In person.

Dear Wendy #3 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,

Private Journal Typed In Braille

I do not know how they replicated this room. It has been out of my mind for several years now. I cannot believe I even remember the layout. It is both comforting and concerning. The bed feels smaller but just as soft and elegant. Of course, when I was a child, a king sized bed was a landscape in sheets and is not so much anymore.

PMs to Scott, Cheyenne, Ronnie and Salem

fuck please God let these things work I can't believe they did this to me again please let someone be there please oh my god. let me out let me out let me out let me out

is anyone there?

Dear Wendy #2 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,


I seek those of the bunker and tunnels. I am called Lilith.

I shall venture to be polite and chatty.
This continuation of torment, excuse me, is very loud isn't it?

Private to Scientists

A curious thing has been told to me, lab-coated ones. Something I hadn't quite noticed before. I have been told we can make requests of you though I don't know if it will work. Still, we'll see. To the request - a kitten, black and white tuxedo preferred. Spayed/neutered. Not that it would really be capable of adding to the pet population I suppose but the request still stands.

Guess I Should Warn... {Public}


Okay I'm trying really hard to type details but its just not working so I guess I'll have to vague it up. I go deaf at random and for unknown lengths of time. So - people of the house, anyone who manages to get to the house - if you're speaking to me and I don't answer you, that's why.

- Tobias

P.S. Okay, the power is out and the computer is still on. What the fuck?


Let me get something out of my system first: FUCKING HELL.


I'm Tobias, fresh out of recovery from Experiment C as its being called and I swear to God, I'm going to kill the first scientist or doctor or whatever I run into. Now, please, somebody update me on what the fuck is going on around here because I've been outside and this place looks fucking dead. I was told we were all populated and happy. Maybe not happy but you get my point. I'm not so great with the thinking of right words at the moment. Yeah yeah, angry white boy coming through.

Dear Wendy #1 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,

Waking {Public}

I would say good morning but I'm not sure what time it is or if it should be good. I suppose saying 'good morning' is like trying to decide how the day will be for you personally. I had been advised previously to my time in the experiment to write in my journal immediately - precisely why I'm rambling I suppose.

For propriety's sake, my name is Brianna MacCulloch and I am 18 years old. I'm from what is, after a bit of reading, apparently being called Experiment E and I almost feel like I should be ashamed. I'm still... very tired and my stomach is arguing with me. I have so many questions but I'm not sure where to begin. A general run down would be greatly appreciated.