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pm to jillian, adam, esme, lillith

As loathe as I am to play along with this pathetic display from these so-called scientists, I simply refuse to pee in the sink.

I have a code for someone named...oh for goodness sake, I don't know. "Itchy Tasty" or something equally childish.
And apparantly I am "Porthole Jackie Hacke".

I cannot help but feel this is quite beneath me. I am not a 7 year old and I do not wish to play games like one.


A rather befuddled message for Will & Jillian

dint break out. hit head. feel...bad. can't see straight. forehead like a golfball.
stuffs all locked n i gota wierd messge. whos sandy deadweight and do they have asprin?

think ima throw up.

to will, lillith, jillian and joy

The fuck's going on? This is Saj. Is anyone on the other end of this computer? It's not set up like the other one in the house...and there's 5 of the bloody things. I'm sending this message on each one just in case, but bollocks, I don't like this. It looks like my home in here. In fucking London. How would they know what it looks like there?



private to scientists

I am very unamused. I thought we had established that I was to be monitoring people, assisting you? Was that not the purpose of the computer system I was given? Frankly I resent being locked up in what appears to be somesort of cell with no word as to why, or what the purpose of it is.
I would very much like an explaination. The operation you are running here seems incredibly slapdash.


private to owen

I've been moved back to my house. Don't look for me.
You're going to get hurt if you let people in so easily.
I'm dangerous you know. They locked me up.


Private. To the scientists.

Hello. I am unsure if this is the correct means of contacting you, but it cannot hurt to try.
I am not sure what you're trying to achieve with the dollhouse, but it seems to have no real purpose.
I did not volunteer to be part of any experiment. I wanted to observe the effects. As such, if you are restarting the tests (which it seems you are), I would like to help you with this. I want to know what the experiments are in aid of. Please contact me in some way if you recieve this message, and give me instructions.

Posy Lewisham

PM to Adam {Anon}

I should not have wounded you. I do not regret it, I just feel odd. Strange pangs. I have nightmares. Words are hard. Bother me.

You didn't die and God has punished me enough.

Please leave me alone.

Everything is hard.

I'm volunteering my wonderfully able body...

Oo-err. Not like that. Unless you're particularly attractive... -winkwinknudgenudge-

yeah anyway, my introduction didn't go down swimmingly as I'd hoped, but I really do want to be useful. I know when we stopped getting food in my experiment we organised ourselves to go and find help as quickly as possible - well, as soon as there were enough co-henerent non-spazzing people to form a group that is. No offense to the spazzers :P

Are there plans to scout outside the town? Or go a-hunting or whatever?


Alright people! I'm here! It's me, Saj. I'm finally out of that bloody hospital, innit? Bit weird just waking up here, but I suppose that's how they figure it's easiest to transport people? Weird. SO where's my welcome wagon? My WELCOME TO RUSSIA! suprise party? People I know from the house? Although I got told there was more than one house... Fucking odd that. Like Big Brother on masse - don't even get the point as it ain't being broadcast? Whatever man, I never got science.

Carly - when you see this, please let me know where you are. Good to be out of the woods, yeah?

{Private. Handwritten.}